Sunday, January 31, 2010

Today's Special - Krista / Stop And Say You're Sorry

This is another of the 45's I found in the Oklahoma mall. Just a lot of really neat 45's there. This side starts out at a blistering pace and just keeps rockin'! The flip side slows it down a bit, but it's a great 2-sider from Decca. Today's Special was formed by members of London & The Bridges and The Savages.

The Villagers - Laugh It Off / You're Gonna Lose That Girl

This is a great 2-side garage 45 I found in my record store here in Nebraska. I really like Rick Hall's records, and really expected this to be some great Southern Soul. Quite surprised when I got it on the turntable! There has been quite a bit written about this 45. The group included Cliff Ellis, who coached basketball at Auburn, Clemson, South Alabama & Coastal Carolina. Great cover of The Tams classic and the flip is an equally good cover of Lennon & McCartney's classic! This 45 is a little slice of garage heaven, and all this for a buck plus a little digging in an attic! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Boots Walker - They're Here

I don't think this one is especially scarce, but I think it's really cool. One of my favorite ebay finds. Space rock meets Napolean XIV! His real name was Lou Zerato and he worked with Ernie Maresca. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

The Merging Traffic - Bit By Bit

A little slice of Sunshine Pop by a Little Rock, Ar. group. I found this out at The group was originally called The Romans. According to that site, this was their only release on Decca. I found this one in an antique mall in Northeast Oklahoma that had a juke box dealer and he had boxes and boxes of 45's. Can't wait to get back there, 'cause the first time, my funds were rather limited.

Royal American Showmen - Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy

Great cover of The Tam's beach classic! From what little I could glean, this band was was a 10 piece group from Jackson, MS and was playing colleges until signed by United Artists. I found this little gem in a used record store here in Nebraska.

Suzie-Michael-Angelo - Gimme' That

I found this one in a Goodwill here in Nebraska. Didn't know what to expect but the label looked unusual and figured I could shell out the buck for this one. Recorded on the Walken label from Redondo Beach, CA in 1979. I got home and put it on and got a hard-drivin' funk record. Kind of blew me away. I figured maybe some cool Sunshine Pop or something like that. I couldn't get much info on this. I did find that they recorded an album on this label at RYM, but when I checked, there was no info listed there either. Anyway, I just thought it was cool enough to put it here.

Sharen Clarke & The Product Of Time - Mama Didn't Lie (Sho Come True)

This is another 45 I can't find out anything about. It's a '72 release on ABC Apt with production credits to Gene "Bolegs" Miller and Allan P. Merry. It's pretty cool sister funk record. The flip side, I'm Not Afraid Of Love is the requisite ballad. The only thing on the net about this one is that it's on a rare soul dj list and want list of another. Found this one on ebay and it was pretty reasonable at that.

Sound of Genesis - Journey To The Moon Parts 1 & 2

Here's a cool space-rock-funk 45 I found in a junk store in Nebraska. The label credits Genesis, but that just confuses people. It's not that Genesis. I came across the album after I found this 45 and the music is credited to Sound of Genesis. I found a sold copy of the 45 on Popsike that sold for $169 in 2004 and figured I had hit a small jackpot with this one. No such luck!. Then I found the LP and figured surely it would sell for some serious coin, but it's languished on ebay since I found it. The single has production credits by John Madara, Tom Sellers & Len Barry. Killer instrumental with spoken word.

Count Willie with LRL & The Dukes - I've Got To Tell You

I've had this one for a few years now. Finally sold it to a West Coast collector and figured I'd put it out here. It's on the Brown Dog label. A promo copy with the same song on the flip side. I love soul and this one just oozes great Southern Soul. It was recorded at the Playground in Florida. Finley Duncan made some great soul records down there and this was my favorite for quite awhile. Hope you enjoy it!

The Marquee Revue - Comin' Back

I found this one in a used record/CD store here in Nebraska. Only got it a week ago, made a copy and put it on ebay and it's gone! I picked it up because of the label. Omaha-based Butterick Records. I thought maybe it might be some cool, rare garage 45. More like, 60's garage meets early Chicago. Still a pretty cool tune. The flip side is more of a lounge-psyche-jazz melange called I Had A Dream. Kind of strange, but it grows on you.