Thursday, February 4, 2010

Georgie Boy - The Pleasure Of My Woman

This is another one of those deep, southern soul records that I love. Produced by the great Huey P. Meaux on the Shelby Singleton label SSS International, it just oozes soul. I found two of these promo 45's in a box in a little store in Texas. Sold one on ebay and kept this one. Now that I've got it stored on my computer, it's for sale too. Hate to see them go, but I'm running out of room in my office/record room. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. And, if anyone knows who Georgie Boy is, please drop me a line.

The Glories - Sing Me A Love Song

This is a great uptempo girl-group Northern Soul 45. I found this one in a Salvation Army thrift store and after a cleaning, it played quite nicely. From what I've gleaned in my research, all of the Glories 45's on Date, except for their first release, are quite scarce. So I feel lucky to have found another nice little jewel for next to nothing to add to my collection. And if you like the girl-group sound, and I do, this is a great addition!

The Four Sportsmen - Git Up Paint

I found this one in a box of 45's in an antique mall in Missouri. A buck apiece and they were mine. I've had them for a year or so and after much digging on the net, I now know as much as when I first got them about the Four Sportsmen. Zilch! The interesting thing about this one, is that is seems to be mis-pressed. Sunnybrook 2 is supposed to be Lucille and Mother-In-Law. Sunnybrook 4 is supposed to be Pitter-Patter and Git Up Paint. Both 45's were pressed in 1961, according to my Goldmine guide. It seems that somehow, the Sunnybrook 4 "B" side was pressed on the reverse of the Sunnybrook 2 record, or the Sunnybrook 2 "A" sides was mis-pressed onto the Sunnybrook 4 single. It's really quite confusing. If anyone has any info, I'd love to hear from you

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kenny Rogers - We'll Always Have Each Other

Got this one on Ebay a couple of weeks ago, just because it was his first recording and, it was pretty cheap. Didn't expect a whole lot and when I played the "A", I got what I expected. Flipped it over and got this pretty cool rockabilly number. Keeps your toes tapping all the way through it. This is a later pressing, the first ones had him as "Kenneth", but still a late '50's 45 that I'm happy to add to my digital collection. Have a listen and see for yourself.

Anne Keith - Lonely Girl

I got this one a couple of years back, at an estate sale in Aurora, Ne. I bought about 500 that day and had a blast digging for treasures when I got home. I couldn't ever get this one to play on the flip side, so I never did put it up on ebay. The other day I was going through my "project" 45's and decided to look again. I found a tiny little speck that was stuck in the trail-in and when I got rid of it, it played fine. Put it up on Ebay and it lasted all of 24 minutes! Quickest auction sale I've ever had. It went back to it's home in Pittsburg. There's been plenty written about Anna Mae Jackson and how she became a member of the El Venos because she sounded like Frankie Lymon on an amateur contest. There's a great article at 
Marv Goldberg's R&B Notebooks Check it out if you'd like more info. And enjoy the clip in the mean time.