Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Anne Keith - Lonely Girl

I got this one a couple of years back, at an estate sale in Aurora, Ne. I bought about 500 that day and had a blast digging for treasures when I got home. I couldn't ever get this one to play on the flip side, so I never did put it up on ebay. The other day I was going through my "project" 45's and decided to look again. I found a tiny little speck that was stuck in the trail-in and when I got rid of it, it played fine. Put it up on Ebay and it lasted all of 24 minutes! Quickest auction sale I've ever had. It went back to it's home in Pittsburg. There's been plenty written about Anna Mae Jackson and how she became a member of the El Venos because she sounded like Frankie Lymon on an amateur contest. There's a great article at 
Marv Goldberg's R&B Notebooks Check it out if you'd like more info. And enjoy the clip in the mean time.

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