Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Marquee Revue - Comin' Back

I found this one in a used record/CD store here in Nebraska. Only got it a week ago, made a copy and put it on ebay and it's gone! I picked it up because of the label. Omaha-based Butterick Records. I thought maybe it might be some cool, rare garage 45. More like, 60's garage meets early Chicago. Still a pretty cool tune. The flip side is more of a lounge-psyche-jazz melange called I Had A Dream. Kind of strange, but it grows on you.


  1. I Had A Dream ..."nice" :-)
    cool and a glass of lemonade in the shade.
    The Beaver

  2. I know these guys my father Wes Piner was the saxaphone player for this band. They were big on the Omaha club scene in the Mid 70's. They had another 45 on Pacific Ave records out of Omaha called "What's Good Tomorrow" the flip side was "Can't talk of Love" They also recorded a live album of covers on the same label you can see a review of that album on hit me up at if you have any other questions regaurding these guys.

  3. i have the album.its not something very good but it worth a lot of dollars.people give money ing.nothing.

  4. thanks for posting this! my father Jack on drums...nice!