Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sound of Genesis - Journey To The Moon Parts 1 & 2

Here's a cool space-rock-funk 45 I found in a junk store in Nebraska. The label credits Genesis, but that just confuses people. It's not that Genesis. I came across the album after I found this 45 and the music is credited to Sound of Genesis. I found a sold copy of the 45 on Popsike that sold for $169 in 2004 and figured I had hit a small jackpot with this one. No such luck!. Then I found the LP and figured surely it would sell for some serious coin, but it's languished on ebay since I found it. The single has production credits by John Madara, Tom Sellers & Len Barry. Killer instrumental with spoken word.


  1. Wow Iv'e been looking for this for a long time. Could you post the whole LP. Thanks

  2. This is BRILLIANT! I (like the person above me) have been looking for this for a long while. Awesome. Thanks for the share.